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Hobart’s arbitrary blue line stopping new housing

URBAN GROWTH BOUNDARY FAILINGS: Kingston is urban but Blackmans Bay is apparently not.

The Southern Tasmanian Regional Land Use Strategy is badly out of date and needs an urgent overhaul.

The strategy, which came into effect in 2011 under Labor planning minister Bryan Green, is so out of date it cites “peak oil” as a concern.

With our state and the world in a COVID-19 induced recession, the idea of not having enough oil to power our economies could not be further from anyone’s minds. Indeed, a few months ago, the price of oil was negative.

Since 2011, not only has the government changed and numerous ministers overseen planning, the economy has gone from recession in 2013 to growth and now to top of the pops in Australia (and back into recession again, thanks to COVID).

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The 5 ‘Cs’ of community planning

Complete, compact, connected, complex, and convivial describes everything that you want a neighborhood to be.

The source of most conflicts and confusion I see occurring when cities update their Community Plans is due to the confusion over the scale and size difference of a ‘Community’ versus a ‘Neighborhood’ unit.

A community is defined as, “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.” Many places have different communities inhabiting them, such as an elderly, or arts, or ethnic community living and/or working in close proximity to one another. Even the internet can be considered a place inhabited by many diverse communities. So the scale, parameters, and character of a community-scaled planning effort is difficult to define.

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Faring Well By Design

A global pandemic is the type of resiliency test we plan for, but hope never occurs. We are happy to report that amidst the current difficulties, our compact, walkable, mixed-use, and multigenerational communities are not only faring well but are proving to be a source of comfort to their residents as they shelter in place.

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