Faring Well By Design

Communities During COVID-19

A global pandemic is the type of resiliency test we plan for, but hope never occurs. We are happy to report that amidst the current difficulties, our compact, walkable, mixed-use, and multigenerational communities are not only faring well but are proving to be a source of comfort to their residents as they shelter in place.

Master Plan Report

November to February 2021: The team will be collating all of the work generated from the charrette into a report which will include all previous analysis studies, master plan options, the final master plan design, design guidelines, and additional supporting drawings, diagrams, and studies.

Conduct a Virtual Charrette

October: The team will be conducting a virtual design charrette where design sessions, meetings, and presentations will be held in a public manner through a series of engagement tools and live streaming options for those who want to stay connected but not directly engaged. Please visit our charrette schedule which has a schedule for the week and provides all of the different ways to engage in the different meetings.

Stakeholder Interviews

August – October: The team will conduct a series of stakeholder interviews to get information and history regarding the site and to provide a channel for the different advocacy groups to have their voices heard.

Site Analysis

August – October: The team gathers and analyzes all of the available existing conditions data, including zoning, site constraints, the existing structure plan, and the regional context. This will also provide an opportunity for the team to study and document precedents from around the world to bring the best planning practices to Hobart, while calibrating them to the local context. A summary of findings can be found here. [insert link]