Two More Days Left!

The ten-day design charrette to develop a master plan for Droughty Point, known as the Skylands, is coming to a close later this week. This effort, funded by the Carr Family Estate, is being led by the international urban design firm of DPZ CoDesign. 

With over a dozen stakeholder meetings, hundreds of participants in virtual workshops, surveys, and interactive mapping activities, the intensive and public designing process has yielded three options for the development of the Droughty Point peninsula. 

The design team is also asking members of the public to continue to share their opinions and priorities for the future of the site. 

The public has been able to view the design team’s work, share opinions on an interactive online map, participate in the online survey, and view the final presentation of the design team’s work to date. The mid-term presentation is available at this link.

Marina Khoury, lead planner for the project, said the public interaction has been very productive and helpful to the process. 

“The Carr Family deserve a lot of credit for being willing to engage in such a public process for the development of their property on Droughty Point. We have certainly heard a variety of opinions about the development of this site, and the community’s constructive suggestions and feedback have helped to make this a better master plan,” said Khoury. 

“We look forward to showing the ways we’ve incorporated the public input into the final plan options, and to helping the Carr Family with this next step of their vision to create a vibrant, walkable, sustainable community that the entire region can be proud of,” she continued.

Following the ten-day charrette, the master plan team will continue to refine the plan options and work with the property owners to arrive at a final proposal for consideration by the Clarence Council. 

Citizens wishing to view the plan progress to date can visit the website or connect with the project on Facebook @skylandshobart.